Digitally proclaiming the Gospel in the diocese of Ferns and beyond

‘The Hook of Faith’ is brought to you by ‘FERNS C.A.F.É’ (Catholic Adult Formation and Education) – a group in the diocese of Ferns, Ireland who are committed to the work of evangelisation and adult faith formation. It seeks to bring the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bear on all sectors of society in a way that offers life and meaning to everyone. We recognise the challenge of this task at a time in the Church that needs healing and hope. The mission of ‘The Hook of Faith’ is to ‘Digitally proclaim the Gospel in the Diocese of Ferns and beyond’. Our hope is that the light that comes from our faith will reach a wide audience through this new age of digital media and will help transform lives through the joy of the Gospel.

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Soul Purpose

"Live a life of real spiritual amazement through placing it completely in me. The surrendered prayed life is one of peace, joy and gentle holding. Yes this is for you. My dream for you is a life to the full and eternal peace in my presence. Be glad and rejoice that all has been won for the good and achieved through love. Simply live in my love and rest completely. Allow my dream for you to come to full fruition and be of service to others on your way. Pray amen to all in the sure knowledge that I go with you always as your guide."

Soul Purpose

"My Mother’s heart is one of love and kindness. Her life calls out in gentle invitation to weary pilgrims everywhere to find rest and peace in me. How well she understands the weary paths that are part of every life on its eternal way. In gentle strength, she holds my world in love, as indeed she held my own broken-life on its path to resurrection. How lovingly she reminds you of my healing ways. Trust in her invitation. Listen to her voice of love and return to me for peace."

Soul Purpose

"Rest in the simple house of your heart. Be still and know that I am your loving God. Today all I ask of you is simply to receive my love. Be open to all I wish to give you through restful living. How long have I been whispering my invitation to rest. So stop now. Put all haste aside and allow your heart to rest in all my care. Listen now, how much I love your soul. I who created life, placed all my glorious mystery’s, in fullness, deep within your being. I am in you whispering always, love. Believe and find rest for your soul."



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