Digitally proclaiming the Gospel in the diocese of Ferns and beyond

‘The Hook of Faith’ is brought to you by ‘FERNS C.A.F.É’ (Catholic Adult Formation and Education) – a group in the diocese of Ferns, Ireland who are committed to the work of evangelisation and adult faith formation. It seeks to bring the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bear on all sectors of society in a way that offers life and meaning to everyone. We recognise the challenge of this task at a time in the Church that needs healing and hope. The mission of ‘The Hook of Faith’ is to ‘Digitally proclaim the Gospel in the Diocese of Ferns and beyond’. Our hope is that the light that comes from our faith will reach a wide audience through this new age of digital media and will help transform lives through the joy of the Gospel.

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Pastoral Message of Bishop Denis Brennan on The Right to Life

Summary: Life is a sacred gift, it is God given. As parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins – we are asked to reflect on the blessedness of the life we have been given, and the gravity of the decision we now face. In a world where people fight so hard to win human rights, we in Ireland are being asked to take a right away, and the most fundamental right of all at that, the right to life. As voters, we are the unborn baby’s last line of defence. Ask God’s guidance at this time that you might speak and act both wisely and warmly. Respect others and offer truth with gentleness and care. I ask priests to be instruments of mercy, dispensing freely the mercy of Go

Vocation to the Priesthood and Religious Life

Each year on Vocations Sunday, the Church throughout the world prays for vocations. Catholics are asked to make a special effort to ask the Lord for more vocations to the priesthood and religious life. In his letter for Vocations Sunday 2018 Pope Francis reflected on when Jesus returned after his time of prayer and struggle in the desert, He did three things before he began his mission. He listened to the word, He discerned the content of the mission entrusted to Him by the Father and proclaimed that He came to accomplish it today (Luke 4:16-21). This model – listening, discerning and praying – can be followed by all of us as we each try to live out our vocation. The Holy Father said 2018 is

Our Official Launch the "official launch" will take place on the evening of Tuesday 8th May starting at 7.30pm in the Riverside Park Hotel, Enniscorthy. Launching the site will be Bishop Denis Brennan and we also have guest speaker Breda O'Brien, journalist with the Irish Times. World Communications Day will be celebrated around the world on Sunday the 13th of May with the message for this year being"The truth will set you free" John 8:32 so we thought it would make an appropriate time to have our launch of the site. If you would like to join us please do come along, maybe bring a friend and find out more - everyone is welcome.

Simply Divine with Maria Colfer

Maria Colfer talks with Dr. Deirdre Gleeson about the upcoming referendum on the 8th Amendment. Please listen to the full interview by following the link below: Listen here

Top 5 Takeaways from Fr. James Martin, SJ

Fr. James Martin, SJ gets to the very essence of Pope Francis' Gaudete Et Exsulate in what he describes as the top 5 things to take away. Everyone can lead a holy life through living your everyday life watch and listen here.. "Seeing and acting with Mercy" For more information please visit

Rest in Me For All Your Needs

Pray often across your day for my spirit. To encompass all and everything. My Spirit is one of peace, healing and restoration. Invite me consciously into your living days. Be assured, I go with you always. Today, open your heart to all I wish to give you freely. Breathe in my precious air, see again the beginnings of Spring’s bright miracle all around. So much to be thankful for. Yes, let your heart and soul give praise. Then go and be my ambassador of peace and joy for all you meet.

Julian of Norwich – Feast Day 13th May

In May 1374, Julian, thirty years old, is dying. As a crucifix is held before her, she has a vision of the suffering face of Jesus in his agony of Love. A series of fifteen revelations follow, recorded in a short version, and expanded, through meditation and reflection over many years, into a longer version. Sometime after the revelations she became an anchoress, or a hermit living a life ‘dead to’ the outside world. Her residence was more a suite of rooms rather than a ‘cell’, but the enclosure was the sacrifice, and a sign of her commitment to God. Her vocation was to pray for all people, and to offer spiritual counsel to any who might seek it. Julian lived this life for about thi rty



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