Digitally proclaiming the Gospel in the diocese of Ferns and beyond

‘The Hook of Faith’ is brought to you by ‘FERNS C.A.F.É’ (Catholic Adult Formation and Education) – a group in the diocese of Ferns, Ireland who are committed to the work of evangelisation and adult faith formation. It seeks to bring the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bear on all sectors of society in a way that offers life and meaning to everyone. We recognise the challenge of this task at a time in the Church that needs healing and hope. The mission of ‘The Hook of Faith’ is to ‘Digitally proclaim the Gospel in the Diocese of Ferns and beyond’. Our hope is that the light that comes from our faith will reach a wide audience through this new age of digital media and will help transform lives through the joy of the Gospel.

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June 28, 2020

Friends, in today's Gospel, Jesus teaches something shocking. He says that 'Anyone who prefers father or mother to me is not worthy of me. Anyone who prefers son or daughter to me in not worthy of me'. Who is Jes...

June 27, 2020

We conclude this series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit with a reflection on the seventh gift of Spirit – the gift of piety or reverence.

Very few of us would like to be described as pious. Being pious these days...

June 27, 2020

This pandemic has forced many things to change, and some of them are far from easy. Being physically separated from Christ in the Eucharist, especially as we approach Easter, is truly heartbreaking.

We know that...

June 27, 2020

Today we continue to draw from John O Donohue’s writing in Anam Chara where he addresses the age old tendency to want to get rid of that which we deem to be unpleasant or unacceptable in our lives. He writes: Whe...

June 27, 2020

Friends, in today's Gospel, Jesus is approached by an unusual suspect. A Roman centurion came to him and asked Jesus help his servant who was sick and in great pain. The Romans were mostly hated by the Jews becau...

Too much or too little are two ways of doing something wrong. A well-meant action can go bad because of an excess of it or a lack of it. Courageous gestures, for instance, lie between excessive fear and recklessn...

June 26, 2020

Many readers will be familiar with a well known book called Anam Chara by the late John O Donohue with whom I shared my seminary days. In that he has a piece that captures the essence of what it means to welcome...

June 26, 2020

'Faith on Fire' is a new missionary and creative initiative at the service of Adult Faith Development in parishes around Ireland. It is a new organisation taking a novel approach to parish based adult faith devel...

June 26, 2020

Friends, in the Gospel today, Jesus meets a leper or rather a leper comes to meet him and implores Jesus to cure him. He says to the Lord: 'If you want to, you can cure me!'. To which Jesus replied: 'Of course I...

June 25, 2020

We come already to the end of June and celebrate the great feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. Both men were pivotal players in the early Church, each in their own way. Both men were martyred for the faith in Rom...

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