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This week we feature the work of young Wexford woman Angela Mahon who writes, composes and sings inspirational Christian music

The song and video above and the article below is taken from her website:

Being a mum and pursuing my passion for singing and music

In all honesty, there is no magical solution to being a working mum and trying to pursue anything, it is always going to be a tough task. I am constantly being asked how do you have time to work? How do you make time for singing and have five kids? Again, I have no magical solution and no clear set of instructions as to how I do it, I am not a supermom with hidden powers! However, there is probably something that really drives me forward all the time and gives me a huge energy to take on so much, and that’s my absolute love for life. Twenty years ago I knew what it was like living in the depths of darkness, despair and negativity, a place I hope I never return to. I found the joy in life, I found the key to happiness in life, I found God or rather, I should say God found me. Things were never the same again and nowadays I absolutely love my life and family. I know how lucky I am to have so much and intend to try my best to make every moment count, through the grace of God.

Putting Supports in place.

Here’s the thing though, I can only pursue my passion for singing and music because my husband Robert lends his support and constantly insists that I take the time to pursue it. We have managed to put a few plans in place so that we have support in our home. This allows me to grab 15-20 minutes here and there to pursue my passion for singing and music. For this I am so grateful as it allows me to dig into the depths of creativity and discovery.

Balancing my roles in life, we are lucky that we all love music!

However, I am always mindful about keeping the balance between being there for my kids as they grow up and at the same time having enough time to pursue my own musical interests. In one way we are lucky that we all love music! For a recent audition, I was preparing the role of Anna from The King and I and the oldest four kids all wanted to be part of the prep and were singing the songs around the house. We have great fun when Robert accompanies us on the piano and we all sing along together as a family. Then when the kids are in bed I spend a couple of hours honing it further myself. The kids can sing all my songs and are always asking for “Angela Mahon” on Spotify and YouTube through the google speaker! They just like to sing along to songs they know, sometimes one of Mammy’s songs can be followed up by George Ezra! “Mammy has calm songs, George Ezra has exciting songs!”

Asking for Help, Things are achieved through help from others

It became obvious early on in our marriage, that if I was going to work, have a family and continue pursuing singing, I really needed to learn to ask for help. I started to understand that no matter how many talents or skills one has, one cannot achieve and pursue things alone and in isolation. Things are achieved through help from others and by giving help to others. So I am trying to ask for help when I need it, and lately I need it quiet a lot.

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