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On behalf of all of us at FERNS Café and the producers of 'The Hook of Faith', we would like to wish all of our friends and visitors to our website a very happy and peaceful Christmas. This is the first Christmas of our mission through 'the Hook of Faith' as we remain focused on our mission to share the Good News of the Gospel through the digital media. Wherever you are this Christmas, we hope and pray that you are touched by the love of God that comes us humbly as a little child born in Bethlehem. Please continue to pray for us and support our mission as we continue into 2019. Thank You and God bless you all!

ADVENT by Philp Quirke

And who are you waiting for this season:

an emigrant child returning, a boyfriend on parole,

maybe a baby soon to be born ?

Or are you waiting for grief to pass

and serenity to show once more ?

May you have blessing on their arrival.

And who, maybe, is waiting for you:

a man with hand outstretched in a plea for forgiveness,

or a daughter estranged by some deep hurt in the past;

or a beggar with nothing to lose asking for food and drink;

or a nursing home relative gone in the mind ?

In our busy world we forget

how much the Lord is waiting for us.

Lost in frenetic activity,

burdened by the living of the day,

distracted by illness and debt,

we still forage for gifts for our children.

Many go short to show love for the little ones.

How much more is our Father alert

to shower surprises upon us!

Wait on Him.

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