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There is a famous story told of St Augustine who went into the Cathedral of Milan at a time when St Ambrose was preaching and as Christian music was playing. Augustine later wrote about this experience that moved him in his famous book Confessions:

'How I wept, deeply moved by your hymns, songs, and the voices that echoed through your Church! What emotion I experienced in them! Those sounds flowed into my ears, distilling the truth in my heart. A feeling of devotion surged within me, and tears streamed down my face - tears that did me good." - St. Augustine,

Confessions, 9, 6.

These words remind us that music has the power to move us in ways that words can't. It has the power to connect our spirits to God's spirit that never ceases to search for us. Check out this song In the Bleak Winter' written and sung by Wexford's Angela Mahon

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