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A presentation by Sean O'Leary will take place in Ballyvaloo Retreat and Conference Centre, Blackwater on Tuesday 19th March at 7.30 pm.

The title of the presentation is: 'The Gospel of Creation - Discovering Wisdom through Science, Faith & Hope'.

This Lenten presentation will explore the meaning of creation through a series of five paintings by the presenter.

The artwork reflects Sean’s interest in the harmony of science and the Christian faith. Themes covered will include the Tree of Life, the fine-tuning of the Universe and God’s covenants with humankind. The meaning of Easter will be explored as we journey together on the road of discovery to our Heavenly Father.

In Laudato Si, Pope Francis states that ‘science and religion, with their distinctive approaches to understanding reality, can enter into an intense dialogue fruitful for both’. Our Christian faith enriches our understanding of existence through divine revelation that offers us truths in relation to origin, meaning, morality and destiny. This presentation explores how the discoveries of science harmonise well with the Christian faith regarding our origin specifically in relation to the birth of the universe and the emergence of life. From there, we explore the meaning of Easter.

Both science and faith can open our hearts and minds to the wonder and awe of creation. In today’s world we need people of faith who can understand science and know that it forms an integral part of God’s care for us. Science illuminated by faith can help us to participate in this care for each other and all creation.

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