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"My eternal joy lies buried in your heart and soul. Listen to your body and hear the wonders of my spirit percolate within. The well of my goodness and light, rises up. Every moment is a fresh opportunity to live the laughter of your souls eternal joy. Bathe in the natural. Look around at life's resurrection. Everywhere about you the dance of recovery begins. Listen. Hear seeds growing from darkness to light."

"All is light in me. Be awake to the light in a way that connects you to your creative self. From within your creative heart will emerge wise answers to your most important questions. My heart is all love and creativity and my invitation to all is always to enter into this process with me that has brought so much joy, enthusiasm and promise into your ordinary days. Through this process the mundane can be set alight with flames of real delight and the unsolved mysteries of your life shine fresh with meaning".

"Find my light and presence in everything. All the events and happenings of your days speak to you of my presence. I am alive and active breaking into your life with love, kindness, invitation and challenge. Be alert to my presence in the gifts that feed your joys and sorrows, that stretch your soul and cry out for a human loving response. Be here NOW. Stop. Look around you. Drink in the energy of life and light. Be glad. Rest in belonging".

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