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Fr Sean Hyland is a priest of the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin. Before entering seminary, Sean was a married man with two children when tragedy struck. In the space of a few years, he lost his wife and two children to illness.

In this book, Fr Sean shares how he found consolation after the deaths of his two young children, Seana and Kieran, and his wife Liz.

Fr Sean serves as curate for the parishes of Rhode and Clonbullogue in County Offaly and resides in his hometown of Portarlington in Laois.

Here is a transcript of the video below where Sean explains his reasons for writing the book and telling his story:

'If I had to up sum what ‘Whisperings of my Soul’ is all about, I think the first sentence probably says it best.

When I reached the lowest ebb of my life, I called out to God and discovered that He was there for me.

So in this book I tell my story of being a husband and father, the terrible loss of my two young children Seana and Kieran and then my beloved wife Liz.

I wanted to share honestly the grief and the restless searching that took hold of me. As you can imagine, there was darkness and no little anger.

I wanted answers. Where were my children now? How could I know? In my grief, I looked everywhere, from science to philosophy to religion.

It was Liz’s daily example of a faith filled life that helped show me the way. After Liz’s death, when I was all but consumed with grief, I remember calling out to Jesus.

I recount in the book the wonderful consolations that I then received in prayer, that my loved ones were safe in the presence of the Lord.

I’ve always believed that these consolations are not for me alone. My hope is that my testimony will reach other troubled people who need the love and support of Jesus and his Blessed Mother.

I go on to share in the book how, very much strengthened by the consolations that I had received, I answered the call to the priesthood.

The final part of the book brings together my own reflections on what I see as evidence for the existence of God and how I believe that God reveals himself in our world.

Again my hope is that this book can inspire others to believe as I do … that in life, and in death, we abide with the Lord'.


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