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Fr Kevin Scallon was a Vincentian priest and was known to many of the priests of the diocese of Ferns and indeed all over the country from the Intercession for Priests that he conducted each year with Sr Breege McKenna at All Hallows in Dublin. Fr Kevin passed to his eternal reward on 25th June 2018, aged 83. Here I include some of his quotes about the priesthood and prayers that he composed. May Fr Kevin who loved the priesthood of Christ and loved and served his brother priests, rest in peace.

May these prayers of Fr Kevin inspire all priests who read these words to do the Lord's work and draw people to a deep friendship with him.

'I thank our Saviour that he allowed me to experience his presence at work through the sacraments of 'my' priesthood and the Holy Eucharist. From that time, I began to realize that all a priest has to do is let Jesus Christ work through him and provide him with every opportunity to do so'.

'Lord Jesus you abide in the Father and you abide in me. You anoint me with your Spirit, you seal me with your priesthood. You clothed me with your image. Lord speak through my voice, look through my eyes, listen through my ears, touch through my hands. At the breaking of the bread, may they recognize You not me; may the hear you not me. Fill my outstretched hands with your life, your love your mercy and your healing. Amen.’

'Lord, you are at the door to greet me; that feeling I get is you. I know that it is you. Your prayer lifts me. I hear your presence in the Word proclaimed. I know that it is you. And when I offer your peace to those around me, it is you who catch my eye. I know that it is you. And the bread that is not bread and the wine that is not wine, now your Paschal self; fresh from supper table, Holy Cross and empty tomb. I know that it is you. You bless me with the hands of your priest and send me forth, no longer me but You and me. I know that it is You'.

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