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I heard it said recently that Christmas is a time that is endured by some and enjoyed by others. And so it is true. Christmas is not a time of joy for all. It is a time that brings added struggle to many and their families. There is loneliness, financial hardships and many other challenges to contend with.

This weekend, in all the Churches of the diocese of Ferns, the annual St Vincent de Paul collection takes place. In asking us to support this appeal, the message from St Vincent de Paul is a stark one. Rightly it sums up the reality of Christmas some struggling families experience at this time of year. They point out that it is 'the most worrying time of year' for many.

In his pastoral letter supporting this appeal, Bishop Denis writes: 'I thank all of those who serve as volunteers; I commend the consistency and thoughtfulness of the Society's work and with you I pray for the success of the efforts of this most worthy organisation, working with those in need'.

In the video below, Bishop Denis Nulty introduces the 2019 Reach Out gift that will be distributed from all churches in the diocese of Kildare & Leighlin in Advent. This is a simple initiative but important one to reach out to those on the margins and not to forget those who are in most need of material and spiritual mercy this Christmas.


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