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There was a time when we might have thought that only priests and nuns had vocations. The Second Vatican Council corrected that when it insisted that all the baptised have a vocation and that all Christians are called to holiness of life. For many people, the question that begs to be asked is not whether they have a vocation but what is that vocation that God has given me? Am I being called to the single life, married life, priesthood, religious life or what? For many of us this question burns within our minds in more subtle ways. What is the meaning and purpose of my life now that I am older or in poor health? I used to have a sharper sense of my vocation as a father or mother when my children were younger but now that they have grown up and become independent of me, my sense of purpose has taken a bit hit.

In this video, Fr Mike Schmitz helps each of us to appreciate our unique vocations and how to discern what God is asking of us. This is the vocation He assigned to us on the day we were baptised:


Blwow is a link to a website of the diocese of Arlington in the United States that is very helpful in guiding us towards discernment of our vocations and how to be sustained within that call.


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