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In the link below, you will find an imaginative Stations of the Cross that has been compiled for us by Trocaire. We pray this familiar prayer to be with Jesus Christ, who walked this journey carrying the cross, the instrument of his death, out of love and commitment to us. We pray it also because we wish to become close to Jesus, who loves each of us so deeply. We walk this journey to get a glimpse at the heart and mind of Jesus Christ, who is alive today and experiencing the journey of the cross wherever our sisters and brothers are suffering throughout the world. We give thanks as we walk this journey. His Way of the Cross has brought hope and the possibility of new life into the dark places of our lives. Journeying with Jesus Christ allows us to become aware of where God is walking with us in our lives, and where we are called to be with others on their journey. As you pray, be aware of where you have experienced the different stations in your life. Think also of your loved ones, your friends, your neighbours and your community as a whole; include them in your prayer, as you recall those who are experiencing something of Jesus Christ’s journey at this time.

Look beyond your part of the world and be mindful that you share the human journey with people all over the world. Be mindful of the families from this year’s Lenten campaign, in Kenya and Honduras, who are facing poverty, injustice and fear. Jesus walked the Way of the Cross for all humanity – now we walk in solidarity with all people.

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