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Struggling to Survive in Kenya: Madris and Her Family

There are two families featured on the Trocaire Box this Lent. One of them is from Kenya and comprises of a mother (Madris) and her children. This family lives in a part of Kenya that is experiencing drought that is getting worse year after year.

Rains don’t come. Nothing grows. And Madris – a single parent – is afraid and exhausted. Her husband abandoned her. He never returned. The relentless drought makes life even harder. “When I look at my land now,” she says with sad eyes, “it looks to me like a desert.”

Each day Madris labours back-breaking hours for her family. Walking the three-hour trip to haul water. Carrying heavy firewood. Tending their few chickens and goats. Trying to coax crops from scorched soil. Madris admits, “I struggle to make sure there is no day my children miss food.”

More and more her heroic efforts aren’t enough. Sometimes the children miss school while Madris scrapes together money for books and fees, and the family’s food runs out. Alex and little Joy-Faith, two of her children, cry from hunger.

Madris is doing all she can to provide for her family, but she can’t do it without you.

Please give to Trócaire this Lent. Help equip farmers for a changing climate and support hungry families like Madris’, so love can conquer fear in Kenya.

Below is a link to a short video about Madris and her plight that cries out for help and summons us to flight for climate justice. Let us do what we can and what we should.


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