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O God, Loving Father, Creator and Sustainer of the universe,

You, alone, are the true source of salvation for Your people in times of distress,

a fortress and rock of refuge in times of need.

You saved the People of Israel when they cried out to You,

and through the Blood of Your Son saved us from the malice of evil.

You have taught us that loving You above all things

is the crown of wisdom

that makes peace and perfect health flourish.

In this time of critical need

we humbly bow before You, O most merciful Father,

asking you, once again to hear the pleas of your children.

The world that You created out of love,

and saved through the Power of Cross,

is in need of protection, healing and strength.

Your children are falling ill due to the onslaught of the Corona virus.

Many have died, more are becoming ill.

Wondrously show Your mercies, O Father,

and protect Your holy people.

Restore the infected to health,

comfort them during their time of illness,

give strength to all those who have diminished or weak immunity,

and protect Your people with Your Divine intervention.

From You, alone, O Lord, comes true healing,

for You have revealed to us

that on all who call upon Your Holy Name

the sun of righteousness shall rise

with healing in its glorious wings.

Therefore, we will not fear though the earth should change,

though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea;

though its waters roar and foam,

though the mountains tremble with its tumult.

For you are our stronghold, O Lord,

our refuge and our sure source of strength.

We trust in your Providence, most loving Father.

Be with us in this time of urgency

and speedily hear the pleas of your children.

Through Jesus, your Son, our Saviour,

the Gentle Healer of your people.


March 2020

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