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In life we can bear most things provided we have support

Simon of Cyrene was a passer by who was coerced protesting into helping Jesus to carry his Cross. Two thousand years later we still remember his ‘hard luck’ that was also his unique privilege! Life’s greatest blessings often come in strange disguises and deserve our hospitality. Perhaps Covid 19 is just one of them?

There are crosses that are just too much for any one person to bear and yet they cannot be carried by anyone else. Simon didn’t carry the cross of Christ but he did lend his shoulder and did his bit in helping Jesus to carry it. How can we be Simons, especially at this time?

A friendly smile can light up someone’s day.

A phone call can break down a wall of isolation.

A word of encouragement can enable someone to keep going.

A helping hand can help someone to cope.

A listening ear can help someone to see.

A thoughtful gesture can make all the difference.

The opposite of Love is not Hate but Indifference. Hate acknowledges the presence of the other while Indifference looks the other way. The all too common attitude of ‘minding our own business’ can be an excuse for refusing to get involved. Where there is genuine need what other people think of us is not our business since offering support to another is not about us.

For some, to give support may come easier than receiving it. To ask for help, to acknowledge our need requires humility and relinquishing the myth of self-sufficiency. It is Pride that wants always to give but never sees the need to receive. In the heart where there is space for both giving and receiving there is no room left for pride.

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