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Restoring our God-Image

Exercising Faith - Overcoming Fear

Unconcerned at what others might think or do Veronica forces her way through the soldiers and onlookers, takes off her veil and wipes the sweating bloodstained face of her master. To do so she braves threats, verbal abuse and even violence. With a woman’s special vision she was able to look beyond disfigurement and see divinity. Tradition holds that the imprint of his face remained on the cloth like a signature of gratitude.

To step forward in faith is to overcome fear and claim our divinity.

FAITH can be understood as Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him.

FEAR can be understood as Fantasy Experienced As Real.

Faith will see us through this crisis. Fear will hold us back.

Faith sees a positive outcome. Fear only sees disaster.

Faith places us above our circumstances. Fear places us below.

Faith sees new beginnings. Fear only sees endings.

Faith extends the comfort zone. Fear reduces it.

Faith sees opportunities. Fear only sees obstacles.

Faith accepts reality as it is. Fear rejects the present.

Faith allows us to walk on water. Fear makes us sink.

Faith sees divine order. Fear sees chaos.

Faith conquers. Fear falters.

Faith creates that which is believed. Fear does likewise.

Whether believer or non-believer we daily exercise either faith or fear and create the reality of our lives accordingly. St Augustine said that ‘Faith is believing what you don’t see and the reward of Faith is to see what you have believed.’ Fear, apart from its positive aspect, has its roots in yesterday, makes today feel safe and is our enemy of tomorrow. It alerts us to the perils of the ‘now’ because of what happened before and while it appears to keep us safe, it is our only obstacle to joy.

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