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In yesterday’s posting an open letter was offered and your comments were requested to discern what might be the next steps, if any that may be required. As stated in the letter the message came as a genuine surprise and was not something that I dreamed up myself or came from my own thinking. Throughout the Corona outbreak I felt so overwhelmed by the enormity of what was happening to the extent that, while I knew I should be praying, I honestly didn’t know how to pray. So I resorted to offering prayers and spending time in quiet. I suspect that in that I was not alone and so many felt the same way. Looking back I was looking more to the enormity of the problem than to the greatness of the God I was praying to. So my prayer was more based on hope rather than faith that we would get through this crisis; that Covid 19 would disappear and that we would learn some important lessons along the way. The revelation, should you wish to call it that; was not to pray in hope that something might happen, but in the faith of what we pray for being already an accomplished fact. For me this was the first glimmer of insight as to how we might pray at this present time.

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