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Remaining with the open letter of April 21st. When we receive what we believe to be a message or word from the Lord what tests can we use to discern if it is genuine or simply a product of our imagination. The first is to believe that the Lord can speak to any of us irrespective of age, background or education. Should that word be genuine, it comes with the assurance that it will not return empty, but will accomplish what it was sent to do. It is like the tiny acorn that carries within itself the potential to become not just a mighty oak tree but a forest of oak trees. A few guidelines I have found helpful over the years are these:

Has it come in response to a genuine need or request for guidance?

Does it come with a felt sense of being right and carry a quiver of excitement?

When shared with other people of prayer does it sit right with them?

Is it in accordance with the already revealed truth in Scripture?

Is it possible to see a way forward for the message to reach a wider audience?

Having applied all those questions the message still carries the sense of being the right word for the right time.

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