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With the benefit being able to look back on twenty years of working with wood, all coming from that surprising whisper, Go to the wood, it was the beginning of one of my life’s greatest adventures. Particularly during this time of lockdown it is an interest that sustains and keeps me afloat. While first using the symbols at a seminar in St Peters College, it was suggested that I commit the material to paper using the pieces as illustrations. This was how the Wood You Believe series of books began and so the Word began to expand exponentially. There are currently nine in the series and I am currently working on the tenth book. These have sold in their thousands and are now in every corner of the globe. Christ spoke of the Word being like a tiny mustard seed that when fully grown has the potential to become a tree so large that the birds of the air come and shelter in its branches. In relation to that simple word, Go to the wood, from so many years ago, this has happened literally. It has been possible to direct proceeds from these books towards housing people in need and today there are so many who have a roof over their heads directly as a consequence of that Word. The ultimate test of the Word is its long-term fruitfulness and for me this is wood that still bears a lot of fruit as it takes on a life of its own.

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