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Christ must have shocked his followers when he said; When you pray do not babble like the pagans thinking that the more they multiply words the greater their chances of being heard. The words still shock those who have never known any other way of praying and who are caught with set formulas and having to adhere to a set number of prayers and at certain times. Becoming a listener in prayer is of the utmost importance if we are going to have anything worthwhile to say. Words that are born of silence have a ring of authenticity that is absent in idle chatter. Having spent time in silence we may not be aware of having heard anything, but afterward the quality of our presence is very different and we approach difficult situations or people with greater wisdom. Our hectic pre Corona lifestyle often left us only physically present to loved ones and not even present to ourselves. One mother who was constantly on the go was shocked by her seven year-old daughter who said; Mummy I miss you so much, even when you are at home!

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