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Some of the most common things said in relation to listening to God are; I could be listening for a month of sundays and not hear anything, or that’s for the saints but not for me, I would never be worthy enough for God to speak to me and even if He did I wouldn’t be able to hear anyway. The common denominator in all such statements and beliefs is the ‘I’. Even if the ‘I’ could succeed in hearing the voice of God it would give itself the credit and be proud of itself. So long as the I or ego remains at the center of our belief system we simply will not be able to hear anything or even to discern anything. While ego is in charge there is no surrrender and without letting go there is no listening. To even think that I need to hear what the Lord is saying to me about this or that is to put ego firmly at the center. Even if the Lord were speaking ego would not want to hear because it would herald its displacement.

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