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Our focus this week will be on how we pray in faith and not just just hope and look at some examples from the Scriptures. One of the great rediscoveries of the Charismatic Renewal that was so strong in the 70’s and 80’s was the Prayer of Praise. During prayer meetings a large proportion of time was devoted to this form of prayer and worship where the music ministry played a very important role. There was a palpable sense that there was something very powerful about this form of prayer. It was not about reciting set formulas nor did it focus on individual needs and petitions. Rather its focus was on the Lord in whom the victory over all darkness had already been won and in whom every need had already been met. This was in essence the Prayer of Faith that expressed the assurance of what was not yet seen and held the conviction of what was hoped for. (Heb 11). It invited participants to change focus from their own needs to the great giver of all good gifts. The Renewal at that time became associated with many miracles, and these wonderful happenings and conversions were the direct manifestation of the faith that was being expressed. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the essence of the prayer of praise got separated from its faith roots. Many such groups then became quite traditional and quickly degenerated into a holy huddle of the like-minded. They were generally safe and devotional, with prayers that were petitionary and hopeful, but they lacked the vibrancy of the praise that was the acknowledgment of the victory that was already won.

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