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Before we can begin to exercise faith for the bigger picture we need to begin with the smaller one of our own life. The exercise of faith needs to extend to every area of my life and then its effects will begin to ripple out in ever expanding circles. In relation to my own circumstances, can I see myself as being above rather than below them. When someone enquires how we are, and the reply is; ‘not so bad, under the circumstances’; that is not a faith response! In relation to everyday problems that arise, faith allows us to think only of solutions and opportunities. In terms of our own undulating emotions, faith brings us to the level plateau where all is already well and all manner of things will be well, to quote the medieval mystic, Julian of Norwich. Where health is an issue, or we are trying to regain our health, either physically or emotionally, the faith position is to see ourselves healthy and full of energy with each new day bringing us closer to the realization of that reality. When we allow fear to turn our thoughts to sickness we will remain sick. When our thoughts, by the exercise of faith, change to health the door is opened for this to become our reality. This is true faith in the Resurrection and why St Augustine once said that, Halleluia is always our song. Our very thoughts whether they are of faith or fear will create our reality.

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