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The utterly transforming power of faith is such what we see and believe we can achieve. We only have to look at every object around us. Someone had to see the finished product long before it appeared. Even Donald Trump had to see himself as President long before it happened. We may not associate such individuals with faith but in a real sense it was his faith that got him where he is, for better or for worse! When we see individuals, having been paralyzed, walking again, defying all the odds, that is faith. When people believe in themselves, they can achieve the impossible. When someone sees where they are going, doors just open, circumstances conspire to help and the right people fall into line, all in the right time, to bring about the goal that has been set. To free ourselves from limited thinking has to be one of the big steps towards living a life of faith. Whenever we afford ourselves the luxury of a negative thought we neutralize our faith. The Scriptures teach that transformation comes about through the renewal of our minds, so to become aware of our negative thoughts and mindsets is of the utmost importance.

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