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An elderly religious sister who was renowned for her faith and positivity was asked to what or to whom did she attribute those gifts? She believed it to be her father and proceeded to relate an incident from her teenage years. They lived in a remote part of rural Ireland and it was the late 1940’s. The Redemptorists, who were renowed at that time for their hell fire and brimstone preaching had arrived to give a parish mission. Her sister and herself got ready to attend the opening. The father began to talk about their going even though he was staying at home. He said; Girls listen well to what those men are preaching because they have to be saying something. Learn to chew the meat but never be afraid to spit out the bones because anything that leaves you feeling guilty is not wholesome. Remember this, I am your father, and there is nothing you have ever done, and there is nothing you ever will do that I have not already forgiven you for. Now go to your mission and remember that God is your father.

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