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The very common phrase, I wonder will God ever forgive me, has its foundation not in faith but rather in hope. Faith in Divine forgiveness is based on the past event of Calvary where Jesus arms were outstretched in mercy and then nailed that way. God’s mercy will always outweigh our sinfulness and it is always based on salvation being an accomplished fact. Forgiveness is only an issue for us and whether we have the humility to forgive ourselves. A wonderful insight into this is to be found in St John’s Gospel where Jesus is washing his disciples feet and Peter protests saying he will never allow it to happen. Jesus replies that if he is not washed he can have no part with him, and that while its happening he will not understand but later he will. Within hours, after Jesus being arrested, Peter who had professed undying loyalty, would swear that he never knew Christ. His fear of being guilty by association led him to sin deeply. Hanging his head low in shame, as we all do, he was now looking at his feet; those same feet had been earlier washed by Jesus. Suddenly he understood that Jesus had forgiven him before he had ever sinned.

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