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Following on from yesterday’s reflection that whenever we pray we do so from our own limited perspective and it is from within that very limited viewpoint that we expect our prayers to be answered or to put it another way for our faith to materialise. Holding on to this rigid view leads to frustration especially when the answer seems delayed or when the situation is not unfolding as we believe it should. We then get annoyed with God for not acting in full agreement with our agenda. There is always a bigger picture when we pray, and faith needs to trust that within that bigger picture our smaller needs will also find their place. This is where faith and surrender always go hand in hand. Our faith has to be in God and not simply in our faith. A piece of Buddhist wisdom has a lot to teach us in relation to this is where it says in effect; Pray firm in faith, hold onto hope but don’t become attached to the how. Am I prepared to trust in the bigger picture when I pray knowing that the ‘how’ is always God’s business and not ours.

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