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One of the greatest enemies of faith is worry as this is really a sin against trust. Worry projects us into a future that may never happen and it also cuts us off from the providence that is always available in the present. Its first cousin is fear and this acts as a magnifying glass that will allow us to see only the worst possible scenario arising out of every situation. Worry never robs tomorrow of its trouble but it does rob today of its strength; it drains our energy and saps our spirit. Overcoming the tendency to be a worrier is a major step on the road to becoming faith-full. When examined deeply in its stark reality it is really a prayer for the worst possible result and because it is so based on fear it often helps to bring it about. An elderly lady who lives on her own in a very isolated area says that anything could happen at her age and so there is plenty that she could worry about. The way she handles it is that when something arises she acknowledges that it is a cause for concern and promises that she will worry about it, but always tomorrow. Then when tomorrow comes she says the same thing and so she has no worries.

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