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As everything worldwide is changing so rapidly and with bewildering speed no one can predict how the future is going to unfold. Gone are the days when we could plan ahead for weeks or months with reasonable certitude. All we can be sure of is this present moment. All too often we equate happiness with some future event or achievement. ‘I will be happy when,’ is an attitude that suggests a discontentment with the present. Yet when we do finally achieve our goal we find that happiness still eludes us. Perhaps NOW is the only place where we can truly find happiness. In the present moment we may have discomfort but strange to say, it is also the place of least suffering. If we live in the past, with mistakes and regrets, or in the future with worries and fears, that is what creates our suffering. The Bible teaches that, ‘NOW is the acceptable time and NOW is the day of salvation’. The challenge of these uncertain times is to live as fully as we can in that NOW.

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