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A man got diagnosed with terminal cancer and the prognosis was that he would be lucky if he got two years. He died just a week after those two years were up. Months later, when his widow had time to reflect, her big regret was that they never lived their last two years or made the most of their precious time together. The prognosis of two years had projected them into the future and the fear of what was going to happen paralyzed them from doing anything constructive in the present. It was as if from the moment of hearing those words ‘two years’ he had already died and they both stopped living. Such is the effect of fear, it makes us live the future as if it were already a present reality and blinds us to the possibilities that lie in the present. A useful anacronym for understanding NOW is No Opportunities Wasted. Just because we are going to die one day doesn’t mean that we can’t make the most of every day as it comes.

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