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The ancient Israelite people on their journey through the arid desert wilderness of Sinai were fed by Manna from Heaven. Each morning this would appear on the ground like hoar frost and Moses instructed them to gather it on a daily basis. The practice found an echo in the Lord’s teaching his disciples on how to pray when he said, Give us this day our daily bread, and in his many references to avoid worry about tomorrow, and that each day is sufficient unto itself. We have a very real tendency to unconsciously amend that prayer to; give me now what I will need tomorrow, next week, or even next year. Experience teaches us that it just doesn’t happen that way. However, as we live more fully in the NOW we become much more attuned to the things, people, encounters and events that come our way and these we find will have a direct bearing on our future. Provision for our future is always being given but only in the present. It is by living in the NOW, and in the full enjoyment of the present, that we are making best provision for our future ad most able to see the direction we need to take.

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