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There is a disease at large in society that is far more rampant than Covit 19 and has been around far longer; it’s called co-dependency. This is where I live my life through someone else and I become more conscious of their needs than my own. This is reflected in healing services where the vast majority will ask for someone else to be healed but have little awareness of their own need. Co-dependency is where the other has becomes part of my identity and creates the illusion that unless they are fixed I can’t be right and unless he or she is moving on their path my own will remain blocked. In the Gospel story, Peter asks Jesus about the youngest disciple, John saying ‘what about him’? This question lies at the heart of co-dependency and the paraphrased answer of Jesus was, ‘it’s none of your business’. In other words, butt out of living his life, be true to your own path and allow him to follow his destiny. A co-dependent has been humorously defined as someone who when they die will see someone else’s life pass before them because they never lived their own.

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