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Friends, in the Gospel today, Jesus meets a leper or rather a leper comes to meet him and implores Jesus to cure him. He says to the Lord: 'If you want to, you can cure me!'. To which Jesus replied: 'Of course I want to! Be cured!'. This episode from the Gospel reminds us that God wants us to present our needs before him in prayer while trusting in his desire that we be cured and healed of anything that holds us back from happiness and joy. The response of Jesus to the man confirms this. 'Of course I want to' reveals the heart of a God who wants to help, who wants to support and to provide what we truly need. But why then is there so many who still suffer from the leprosy of our day? Why is there still so much suffering and heart break in the world? Why didn't Jesus cure everyone? Here we come to the mystery of suffering which we never fully understand. But from this Gospel story one thing is clear. Jesus wants us to present our needs before him with confidence in his goodness and his desire to do good for us. And when we do, unexpected and miraculous things happen.


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