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Growing older is a fact of life that is not an option, but ageing is. We daily meet people who are eighty years young and still looking forward to the best as yet to come. There are also so many who at 18 look forward to nothing and want to end it all. As we journey through life, while our bodies are getting older, ideally our spirits should be becoming younger. In terms of spirit, old age is meant to be the approach of eternal youthfulness, where inner beauty has taken over from outer appearances and a rich interior life has replaced the pursuit of wealth and being successful. This pulsating inner life should offer us the reassurance that we are not our bodies and we only live in them. Eventually the person that we are can no longer be contained in a physical body and in order to move on to the next stage of life it has to be discarded. So it is that this phenomenon we call death, feared by many as ultimate annihilation, is the way into acquiring a new lease of life.

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