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The piece of wood sculpture shown lay for years in my workshop as a very unattractive piece of bog oak. Having become tired of tripping over it I took it in my hands and asked what could I make out of you? Then I paused and reflected on the question. It seemed so irreverent to the wood. This was once part of a magnificent oak tree stretching back five thousand years. I was holding a bit of history in my hands that even predated the oldest parts of the Old Testament. Now in all my egocentricity I was asking what can I make out of you? Surely the more reverent question should have been, what do you want to become? So I set to work with a new mindset; not to conform it to my image but to allow its uniqueness to emerge. As it unfolded, one side began to look like a dinosaur, and the other a bird of paradise. One species having evolved from the other in the far distant past this seemed to be the perfect expression of its utter uniqueness.

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