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Dress in the flower of God’s qualities

not your torn robe of self-accusation’. Rumi.

There is more liberation into God’s love

in celebrating beauty,

in acknowledging the mysteries of creation,

the wonder of the workings of our physical bodies,

the intricacies of our brains,

the soul-school of our feelings, high or low,

than in examining one’s life for sins and defects

and lamenting losses and remembering failures.

The shadow will show itself

in ways open to healing

when we expand to the light -

the unlimited goodness

of God’s Grace.

The flower of God’s qualities,

and the heart of the gospel - compassion and love.

‘The Lord is compassion and love.

The Lord heals every one of your ills.

The Lord crowns you with love and compassion’. Ps:102.

· Psalms were among the prayers of Jesus.

· Rumi: a poet and mystic in the Muslim tradition, called a Sufi. Died 1273.

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