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I recently spent a few days break in Killarney. Co. Kerry, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

One spectacularly beautiful place is the Gap of Dunloe. There I composed this poem.

Like a thimble under a waterfall

Does my soul feel

Trying to take in this beauty before me.

Memories at nineteen remain

And come alive by the beauty that I see again.

So many changes with me, but this wonder has stayed the same.

The colours and sunlight l see,

the sounds of water and silence I hear.

Felt immensities that make me small and make God bigger.

My soul feels connected to all around me

As I bask in the lonely loveliness of this place

And stand Between the gap of the mountains between heaven and earth.

Water of streams flow between the hills

Moving like blood in the body Carrying the life of the Spirit alive in this place.

May all who come here see this wonder with the eyes of the heart And all who see, believe in You because of what they behold

Now It’s time to leave and my heart is glad. To see this beauty again and taste it’s joy.

In this place I have prayed and given thanks for the full thimble I take away from this fountain of Wonder.

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