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For over a century, Catholics—individually and as a church—have been re-discovering the life, nourishment, inspiration, and consolation of God’s word. To hear God’s word is a gift of God to those who listen with open hearts. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit, and the gift of Risen Lord. It comes in its own time to those who are ready to receive it. Receiving the Word is also an art of the soul, which like every human capacity must develop and grow.

From ancient times, both Christian and Jewish believers have developed the art of listening for, and responding to, God’s word. In our Catholic tradition, this is called lectio divina, sacred reading. It is a way of hearing God’s voice, seeking God’s will, and discovering how we try to live it.

The Kiss of Christ is a short hybrid course (online and at home/in parish) to introduce the way of lectio divina and to support those who would wish to practice it during Lent 2022.

To register for the course, click the link below:


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