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Philip Quirke

He is a worldly man, toughened by life,

who softened at the birth of his child.

Holds the baby often, to relieve the weary mother.

Feels the world in a new way, knows what a gift is,

trusting intuitively the good things which came to him.

A Grandmother remembers that moment of grace

when, after a night spent watching her sick baby,

dawn broke and hope shone. The child lived.

And though he’s gone his own way now,

the gift is alive within her still, at eighty years of age.

Jesus, child, saviour, Word made Flesh -

the overflow of Love without limit. Do we find it

too good to be true ? Grateful, welcoming hearts

know what a Gift this is: for us, at Christmas,

called to trust what is there before our eyes.


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