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There will be a parish mission in the parish of Wexford from 2nd to 9th October. The title of the mission is: 'A Mission for All'. As the title suggests, all are welcome to all or some of the events below. We also have a Mission Prayer that captures the spirit of the mission and what the mission hopes to achieve.


Saturday Vigils/ Sunday 2nd Oct.: Launch of mission at all Masses. Lighting of Mission Lantern

Monday 3rd Oct.: Theme: ‘The Gift of Faith Today: How the Believer and Doubter can be Friends’. Opening of Icon exhibition in Friary Hall, 10.30pm by Bishop Nash; Talk on ‘Faith and Mental Health’, with Fr Billy Swan, Whites Hotel, 1.15pm. ‘The Gift of Faith today’ with Ms. Maura Murphy, Holy Family Mission, Waterford; Presentation School, 7pm.

Tuesday 4th Oct.: Theme: ‘Our Youth – Loved, Chosen, Sent’. Outreach and involvement of the Schools. Visits by schools to churches and icon exhibition. Testimonies of faith from the youth; ‘Supporting parents in sharing faith with their children’ with Colette O’ Doherty, Diocesan Director of Youth Ministry, Talbot Hotel, 7pm.

Wednesday 5th Oct.: Theme: ‘Tired and Wounded? Here’s healing and Hope’. Outreach to sick and nursing homes. ‘Praying with Scripture’ with Sr Stephanie O’Brien, Friary Transept, 3pm. ‘A Celebration of Healing and Hope’ with Fr Pat Collins CM, Rowe St, 7pm with sacraments of the sick and reconciliation.

Thursday 6th Oct.: Theme: ‘Care for the Earth’. Living our faith by celebrating and caring for the environment. ‘Praying the Eucharist’ with Fr Billy Swan, Bride St., 3pm; ‘Caring for the Earth’ conference with Bishop Nash, Rev. Trevor Sargent and Ger Fleming, Whites Hotel, 7pm.

Friday 7th Oct.: Theme: ‘Belonging and Believing: Being Part of Wexford Parish’. Wexford Council Building, 7pm. Encountering people from other countries who have made Wexford their home. Listening to stories of peoples’ lives. An appreciation of culture, food and music.

Saturday 8th Oct. Theme: ‘You Go into My Vineyard Too’: Mission and Ministry in Wexford Parish. With Patricia O’Carroll, Mission and Ministry Director in Archdiocese of Dublin. 10.30am Bride St. Church.

Sunday 9th October: Close of Mission at all Masses.


Heavenly Father and source of all love. Prepare the way for the waters of grace to refresh us during our parish mission. Increase our faith. Help us to share it as a precious gift that makes life more humane and beautiful. Bless our young people and guide them always. May they come to see that you are God who knows them, loves them and calls them to greatness. Pour out your Spirit of healing on all our people who are tired, wounded and broken. May our mission move our conscience to cherish our planet and care for creation that reflects your glory. Deepen our roots of belonging to you and to this community. May those who are new to Wexford feel welcomed and at home. Send your Holy Spirit to mobilise the gifts you have given to your people. Let this be a time of celebration, belonging and renewal from which will flow rivers of living water, leading to growth, healing and lasting change for good in our parish. Amen.


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