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The Iona Institute

We are led to believe that most social trends in Ireland are moving in the right direction. But it depends on which ones we look at. Some trends are most definitely moving in the wrong direction. The Iona Institute has been examining in particular how family life in Ireland is being adversely affected by a form of social liberalism that overly emphasises personal autonomy and choice at the expense of the commitments we make (or ought to make) to one another. We are seeing:

  • A decline in the rate of marriage

  • Huge growth in the number of people who are divorced or separated

  • A decline in the fertility rate to below replacement level

  • A massive increase in the number of births outside marriage

  • A steep decline in religious marriage ceremonies

  • A big rise in the number of abortions.

None of these trends are good for society and behind the statistics is a lot of human misery. Yet they continue to be ignored. It is essential that they are brought to public attention, and debated.

You can find more statistics and information about these social trends by clicking below:

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