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The Bishops of Ireland have called for a national collection this weekend, 6th and 7th November, in support of Trócaire’s work to provide life-saving aid to the vulnerable communities in East Africa and DRC who are being pushed in their millions to the edge of starvation.

A deadly mix of climate change, conflict, COVID-19 and a desert locust infestation is adding to a major humanitarian crisis – and people across East Africa and DRC need our help now.

The reality is that climate change is impacting most on people who have contributed least to the crisis. Millions are suffering the consequences as it drives mass displacement, hunger and poverty.

Already over 30 million vulnerable people, including children, are affected and the scale of this hunger crisis is unprecedented. With the world’s focus on local issues and concerns, and resources for humanitarian response more thinly spread than ever, the plight of those in East Africa and DRC remains largely hidden.

Trócaire teams are responding on the ground, and are ready to provide more life-saving assistance in East Africa and in other regions similarly affected. But we cannot do so without you. Any support your Parish can give in this weekend’s Emergency Collection will help the urgent work of Trócaire and our hardworking local partners in East Africa in preventing heart breaking suffering and tragic loss of life.

Trócaire is already responding in these countries - Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, DRC and the state of South Kordofan in Sudan. We are targeting the most vulnerable amongst those affected, including children, the elderly, people with disabilities and people who have been displaced from their homes by conflict.

We see this crisis continue to unfold in front of us. Millions more face critical shortages and require support urgently to stop them sliding into emergency. Large-scale assistance – including food, nutrition, and water – must be delivered to save lives. We stand ready to provide clean water, medical care and life-saving food for many more people if resources allow.

So this weekend, I appeal to you to join with parishes all over Ireland in doing what you can to save lives in East Africa and DRC by supporting Trócaire’s emergency response.

I would like to thank you for supporting this vital appeal. Donations can be made at today’s collection or else online:

Once again, thank you for your continued support of Trócaire’s work.


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