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Fr Jim Cogley

Rene was a woman of sixty who felt she was having a breakdown. She was no longer able to work, was anxious and restless and it seemed as if her life had ground to a halt. She grew up in a home where there was also a business premise and children always came second to the business. Her parents were hardworking and the kind who were unable to show affection. In order to feel loved and accepted, and to find her place in the family she became everyone’s carer and the super responsible one. This continued throughout her life where she was always the go-to person. In effect her role as carer had become a substitute for her identity and she had tried to love everybody while putting herself last. Finally it caught up with her. A series of family crisis caused her to crack, and her entire being said ‘enough is enough’. In what appeared to be a breakdown her real self was trying to break through.


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