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Fr Jim Cogley

There’s something about Christmas that turns our minds to thoughts of peace. Many choose this time of year to make peace with friends and neighbours where there have been differences and misunderstandings. It’s a way of honoring the Christmas spirit by letting go of useless baggage. If the eternal God can reach down to us, can we not hear his message to reach out to one another? Its not that big of an ask, but unfortunately some prefer to turn a deaf ear and hold onto what we will one day see as utter nonsense and a waste of life. Its such a tragedy to see someone coming to the end of life and realizing they have allowed bitterness and resentment to define them and eat up so many of their precious years. We

see so many governments in our world who prefer conflict to peace and we wonder why? But are we any different. It’s always easier to find energy for conflict rather than peace. Are we not all called to be peacemakers?


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