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Lorcan Brennan

"Live with gentle mindfulness. It is always your choice to decide on the attitude you take in every circumstance. You may not feel this is true but in fact it is. When your plans are side-lined or upsets arrive again in your life. You must simply re-gather your inner self. Mindfully choose again your attitude. Let it be one that radiates my light. Through surrendering your life into my care you will find this light. Draw on my light to permeate your limited inner resources. Do and be all, in and through me. Celebrate our deep companionship. Be glad".

"Allow your heart to re-awaken to the truth of your soul feelings. I am only interested in truth and all that is happening within you must be brought from shadow into light for healing and restoration. Pray the truth of your life always. Let there be no pretence between us. Pretence does not honour our mutual love and friendship. Only what is real will reveal light and restoration. So always be true to the living, expanding melody that is our heart and soul relationship. Let our love combined be light, colour and kindness for all".


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