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Fr Jim Cogley

The experience of Corona has affected all our lives and restricted us to greater or lesser degrees. For most it’s been a very difficult time, while for others it simply reinforced their natural predisposition to stay secure and safe inside their own particular bubble. Most of us settle for a tiny fraction of the life that is meant to be ours. We cocoon ourselves inside a small comfort zone where the challenges of life are met with excuses rather than genuine reasons. So we never travel a different route, we don’t ever venture into unfamiliar territory, and we rarely attempt anything new or different. Approaching the edge of our comfort zone we will always be confronted by out fears that screech ‘what if’. So we back off but each time we do our world gets smaller. On the other hand if we could place courage in front of our fear, and still move forward, we would then find that our world begins to expand as we open ourselves to new and exciting possibilities. Life is never to be found inside our comfort zone but only as we approach the edge. As we extend the boundary we are reclaiming the life that is ours.


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