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Fr Jim Cogley

A local farmer who was very fond of his land passed away. The wake was held in his house where lots of locals gathered to pay their respects. As usual the real conversations took place outside in the yard. A bloke from another area got chatting to one of the locals and asked the question, ‘did poor old Jack had leave very much? He was amused at the reply; ‘Jack was the sort of man who left absolutely nothing, he was dragged away from it all.’ Ireland is a country where the ownership of land is the be all and end all for so many. It’s their very source of identity to the point of believing that if you don’t have land you are nothing. From a spiritual perspective this is dangerous because in order to have life, either here or in eternity, it is necessary to practice the art of letting go and living life with open hands. Unless our hands are open when we pass over, how can we ever hope to receive.

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