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By Tessa Gallagher

The ninth station Jesus falls the third time. Falling is so dispiriting. Once is bad enough, twice is not desirable, but when it happens again or three times as it did for Jesus it seems to deaden the soul. What’s the point, what’s it all for, why bother we wonder? Can we get up again, do we want to? Strangely in order to get up we have to let go, let go of the cross and let God. We have a choice we can go on despite the effort. We can move beyond the possible. We can refuse to give up, and continue to do what is worth doing. Quitting wasn’t an option for Jesus. I saw the same courage, resilience and indomitable spirit in my sister, my husband and my son. When we go on trying, whatever the odds, when we are trusting despite the pain and suffering, something new is born in us.


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