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A few weeks ago, we highlighted a tragic situation that is unfolding in Madagascar – a country situated off the east coast of Africa. If COVID-19 wasn’t bad enough, the people now have to contend with failing crops due to a severe drought that is caused by climate change.

Madagascar is not the only country struggling with climate change. A deadly mix of conflict, COVID-19, locust infestation and drought has pushed people across East Africa to the very edge of starvation.

Trocaire is working and responding to the crisis in East Africa: Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, and the state of South Kordofan in Sudan. In Zimbabwe, despite huge challenges they are supporting farmers to pioneer new environmentally-friendly approaches that are sustainable and drought-resistant. Trócaire works with communities to develop innovative farming techniques that can help produce crops even during drought when water is scarce.

With our help, they reach the most vulnerable. Babies, the elderly, children women and men with disabilities and those who have been displaced from their homes by conflict.

Although Trocaire does not work directly in Madagascar, they distribute donations to the Catholic Relief Services who are our sister agency there and they use the funds to help provide clean water, sanitation/hygiene products, emergency food & medical supplies.

The goodness of people in Ireland has helped to meet so many historic moments like this before, relieving the suffering of millions over the years.

If you would like to donate to the famine relief in Madagascar and East Africa, you can do so on the Trocaire website at or by calling 01-6293333. Thank you.

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